Maiko Gubler


I instantly fell in love with Maiko's world. There's no way to describe it because it just feels so new. It's a bit of surrealism, 80s, virtual reality, and 3D interior design renderings (in the earliest and best of stages), all cohesively living together in these dream-like landscapes.  You can instantly feel Maiko's experimental and playful process in her work which comes across naturally. We went through a couple of ideas for the bathing suits all of them so incredibly amazing. The Splash print however, just eluded to the sexiest summer ever – those chrome, wet and matte strokes floating across the body how could I not resist?


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Maiko Gubler is a visual artist working with digital modeling tools in imagery and sculpture. After graduating from The Berlin University of the Arts in Visual Communication/Digital Media she has been working as an art director for over a decade before focusing on image-making and sculpting in 2013. Maiko lives and works in Berlin.



1.   How did you get involved in 3d sculpture and modeling?

Primarily I got interested in uncovering the potential of 3D as an independent medium as a reaction to its either hidden or garish use in commercial image production.



2.  What were you like as a child?

Nerdy. I used to create my own little worlds out of nothing. Loved foraging in the woods and finding beauty at inconspicuous places. Basically, I’m still the same.

3.    Do you have any rituals / practices you do when you are working?

I cannot think without a jug of herb tea and 2B pencil.


4.    What has been the biggest surprise about doing the work that you do?

It’s always astonishing when an idea turns out exactly as imagined, especially when it’s a physical object materialized through 3D printing.



5.    When did you know this is what you wanted to be doing and that it was possible to make a living from it?

I always knew that I wanted to invent and inquire, no matter what medium. But much like Leilanni, it also took me a decade to finally have the guts to fully rely on it.


6.    Who is your mentor?

My partner and my friends.


7.    What is the biggest risk you’ve taken?

see 5.


8.    What advice would your 90-year-old self give you today or your younger self?

Always trust your intuition.

9.    What was it about this project that made you want to collaborate?

I like people with a beginner’s mind. And swimsuits.

10.When you hear or see the word Yes! What comes to mind?

Where fear is, happiness is not.

11. Are there any tips you can give our young readers who want to start their own business, practice their own art or design, but are afraid to do so?

“Don’t be afraid of mistakes and rough phases. Keep busy & never turn to Tumblr for inspiration, cultivate curiosity instead.”

Dear Mai, thank you so much for taking part in this project and saying Yes! You're an extremely talented visionary – always two steps ahead... It was such a pleasure working with you. You inspire us to stay curious, trust, experiment and look within to find our own creative voices. 

Danke schön

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