It's all about saying Yes! Forgetting the plan and finding your passion. Adventuring in the moment. Trusting your gut. Catching waves, making waves and diving in. Because life will take you to unexpected places, if you let it.

 These suits were designed with artists who've done just that. Made-to-order and in limited editions. Get inspired. Say Yes!


The Yes! Project is a limited edition swimwear collection in collaboration with artists from around the world. Using an emerging technology to print on fabric, I’ve collaborated with these artists to create a unique collection of swimsuits that embody the core values of the Yes! Project –creativity, community, posi vibes, fun and trusting yourself enough to say, “Yes!”

The pieces are produced in Toronto, Canada – in small runs that are made to order. The process we use is a rather new type of dyeing that uses NO water in the process. Because you don’t want the suit you’re wearing in the water to be the reason it’s polluted.


The Yes! Project came about from a growing need for connection and purpose in my work (and life). After spending 9 years creating pieces for other designers’ labels (and my own), I was left feeling unmotivated and disengaged creatively. The whole process began to feel empty. I ultimately broke off to spend the next year searching for something that felt good and purposeful.

I wanted to use my time doing something I believed in – something that would get me excited. It boiled down to these thoughts: How could I create something I felt good about, work with people I find truly inspiring, connect with others, inspire others, push myself creatively and allow myself to see the world? I know it sounds super cheese but really if I wasn’t fulfilling any of these things then what the hell was I doing with my time?

 Since I’d already spent nearly a decade doing what I thought I “should” do, I figured it was time to dive in and try doing what felt “right” to do. Even if what felt right for me made absolutely no sense to others.

So to find my “right” I turned to my childhood and all the things I naturally enjoyed that made me feel good. Coming from Canada, finding moments where you’re able to soak up the sun and surf can be difficult. But when I was able to – whether it be during the summer or on vacation – it always brought me so much joy and freedom. There’s just something so special about the ocean and swimming freely where it’s just you keeping yourself afloat. And that’s the sentiment I want people to resonate with – this idea of allowing yourself to go with the flow, to trust in your own ability.

Growing up in a creative family also shaped my childhood. My mother is the ultimate crafter. My father is an Elvis impersonator and inventor. My sisters are both musically artistic. And even my grandfather, The Illusive Toddini, was an escape artist. Being fully engaged in something creative – whether it was our Scrooged stop-motion Barbie film, drawing, painting or performing - my sisters and I were always doing something fun. Being surrounded by creativity all my life has given me a deep appreciation for those who are able to make their living doing something creative themselves. It’s those people who were able to trust that voice inside that said "Yes! I’m going to do this". 

The Yes! Project has become the vehicle for me to celebrate these people while also following that same voice myself (because let me tell you, there were many moments of self doubt). And, hopefully, inspiring you to do the same as well.

Learn more about the Artists here